Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wimbledon v Big Brother

Some people book a fortnight's holiday for the duration of Wimbledon. Sadly, this isn't possible for the duration of Big Brother, seeing as it lasts half a lifetime. But, if I had a job at the moment to take holiday from, and if Big Brother lasted a strictly limited number of days or weeks, then I might be tempted.

I'm a Big Brother virgin (not many of those around) - I've never watched it before. Indeed, I've avoided it on purpose, declaring the house a Big Brother Free Zone and anyone idiotic to go on the programme an attention seeking div. So what happened? A mid-life thingy? Too much time on my hands? Or am I - as I'll tell anyone who reacts with enough horror to my BB confession - subconsciously immersing myself in the direst kind of popular culture in order to garner themes for literacy lessons?

In the meantime, just excuse me, it's at least ten minutes since I checked the Sun's (I ask you!) 24/7 rolling news update. Yup, I've got it bad.


Maddie Moon said...

Oh Honeysuckle, you have got it bad! How much longer is it on for? And what will you do afterwards, you'll feel bereft?

Must admit, I'd much prefer to watch fit young men doing their stuff on a tennis court!

Honeysuckle said...

It seems to last all summer, Maddie. Hope I don't get a job before it finishes or I might have to curtail my late night viewing activities...
I really did try to stay glued to that very exciting match yesterday afternoon but, despite switching to the tennis during the breaks, BB won in the end.