Saturday, June 19, 2010

Now you can find us!

This is our new Three Bags Full sign, up on colonnade level and clearly visible from the courtyard. Mike took the original photo of the lamb (thanks, Mike!). More on his great photos later, but in the meantime...

Next Saturday we're having the official Three Bags Full opening...yes, I know we've been open since the 5th, but it was all a bit of a low key rush. Low key's good for me, but rushed less so. So next Saturday (26th) we'll be having nibbles and soft drinks, great offers and we'll just be really pleased to see anyone who wants to buy, browse, or just pop in and say hi. And if you fill in the short survey you get the chance to enter the draw for £15 of TBF gift vouchers.
Really must get that other blog started; have been hi-jacking Honeysuckle's webspace long enough...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Three Bags Full


Falling behind here - the new blog and the website are both on hold till I get my snazzy new laptop and dongle so I can work online in the shop...

Yes, I now have a shop!! We're open - yay!! Come visit us Tues to Saturday at the Piece Hall (Unit 3). We have some lovely yarns - Debbie Bliss, Mirasol, Artesano and many more. Or, if you don't knit, we have some little gifty type things - with lots more still to come - and gorgeous buttons, handmade cards and gift tags. I'm also selling my niece's canvas shoulder bags, which are sold purely in aid of her fundraising project aimed at supporting cancer charities.
But it's also lovely when people just to call in and say hello. So please do!