Friday, July 25, 2008

Wet, wet, wet (or 'damp and blast')

If you're ever inclined to buy an old house which is built into the hillside on three sides, don't do it. Unless it's our house. In which case, do.

'Why is the wall wet?' That was Sweetie Pie on her way upstairs, unwittingly presenting to us the news that the stairs wall is - well, not just damp. Damper than that. If it were any damper it'd be a river. And in the middle of this vertical marshland is the light switch. Now turned off for the foreseeable future.

Yikes. I foresee a visit from the builder and a very big bill. Another one.

Houses? On hillsides? Nope. Avoid them.


PatP said...

Oh, how I can emphasise with that, Honeysuckle. Our old stone house isn't actually built into the hill;
it's high up but also below the higher moor-like hills. This close and clammy weather seeps through the stone walls and, yes, damp runs down the walls.
I have a little moan occasionally but I'd never swap it, I love old buildings and the real or imagined stories of people who lived in them long ago.

Maddie Moon said...

Oh dear, charm and character come at a price, don't they?

I hope it turns out to be not as major as you fear.

Honeysuckle said...

Patp - maybe that's it - weather-induced seepage. Barney said it was probably 'the wall sweating' which sounds much more benign and less worrisome than plain old damp but I fear it still involves water where it shouldn't be.
Yes, I love old houses too - I gaze at new ones in awe of things that work but I'm not sure I could live without nooks, crannies and higgledypiggledyness.

Maddie - yup, a very high price!

PatP said...

Honeysuckle, have you seen those mini-humidifier thingies that you put stuff like soda crystals in? I keep one on my study window sill and the crystals really do seem to soak up the damp from the atmosphere; my crystals turn to water quite quickly.

KAREN said...

Oh dear. Houses with lots of big trees in the garden too. Look lovely, nightmare to maintain!

Honeysuckle said...

Patp - thanks for the tip - I shall try one of those and am just off to google mini humidifiers!

Karen - thank goodness we don't have any trees (or really, any garden to speak of). I'd worry constantly.

PatP said...

Should have said - mine isn't electric or battery, it cost about £3-00 with 2 lots of crystals included. I got it from Tod indoor market, when I go on Wednesday I'll see if they still sell them and let you know.
There again the electric or battery ones might do an even better job.
Karen, we've got big trees in a small garden; the biggest isn't near the house but the electricity board is coming to lop branches off soon. Aaarg, I'll be computerless on that day.

Annie Bright said...

Hi there, Honeysuckle

I'd love to live in a house full of character ... although I can see it does have its drawbacks! Hope you get it sorted!


Casdok said...

Hope you do manage to get it sorted without too much expense!!

Theres an award for you over at mine!! :)

Honeysuckle said...

Hi Annie, nice to meet you - lots to recommend old houses but, boy, are they expensive to maintain!

Casdok - Thank you!!

Honeysuckle said...

Patp - thanks I'd love to know if I can get one there - £3.00 sounds mich more reasonable than the £50+ Argos are asking for a bigger one.