Saturday, June 20, 2009

Want your story published in the Guardian?

Okay, well, have a look here to be in with a chance.

But wait...make sure you read the rules first!

I can cope with the only prize being that you get your story published in a major newspaper. It's a free comp and if you're wanting to raise your profile as a writer, or hoping to have a novel ready for sending out soon, that might be a very good thing indeed.

On the other hand, it says in the rules that the winner may be needed for promotional activity and will be responsible for all other costs associated with winning the prize. So, if you live in Aberdeen and suspect the promotional activity might involve a costly trip down to London, I'd give it a miss.


SpiralSkies said...

Now why is it that rules like that make me roll my eyes in despair?

I'm thinking I might not bother? Hmmmmm.

Penny said...

A good point to make, Honeysuckle!

Honeysuckle said...

Spiralskies - I think they're depending greatly on the massive kudos that would come with being published as the Guardian's choice. But still, weighing up the chances of being the one and only winner against the other, I don't think I'll bother either.

Hi, Penny! Will look forward to seeing the winning entry tho'.