Saturday, June 27, 2009


Do you Twitter?

I'm struggling to understand the usefulness of a system that allows you to say 'I've had a bad day', but without being able to cover why or how or what you might do differently tomorrow. How much satisfaction would you get from that?

If I've had a bad day I want to tell the world in full, with exactly who's done what wrong to whom and what I'd like to do to them. And in return I want sympathy, lots of it. Do you get that on Twitter? Nope.

And if I'm simply 'wishing it was Sunday' (the basis of one Twitter I spotted over Barney's shoulder) - well, I think even I could have had that thought without announcing it to anyone at all. I could just think it, inside my own little head.

Go on, tell me I've missed something and there's more to Twitter than I realise.


Casdok said...

I would be interested to know too!!

Penny said...

I haven't ever made it to Twitter yet! Perhaps, for once, I have made [or rather, not made] a Wise Move :-)