Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh, how they've changed

For four days over the Christmas break we're staying in a Youth Hostel with extended family. We have the whole thing to ourselves - all 29 beds and massive kitchen, real fire augmented by recently installed central heating. All supplemented nicely by a real ale pub in the village. Youth Hostels have changed a bit since my youth. More than a bit, really. Many a summer's morning I had to clean out the toilet block before being allowed to collect my card and head off. I ALWAYS got the toilets.

Anyway, now is the time to say Pete and Dud would say. See you after Christmas. Hope you all have a fabulous time.


Casdok said...

Hope you all have the best time!
Happy christmas!!

Penny said...

This sounds just wonderful! Have a Happy Christmas!

Pat Posner said...

Hope you all have a brilliant time.

See you in New Year
xxPat & Tessa Buttons