Saturday, June 21, 2008

A bit of a do

Barney's joint 60th and retirement party tonight - his birthday was last month and his retirement (he hopes) is next month so we're somewhere between the two. We've booked the band (Bob Dylan tribute band), organised the food and venue, and sent out the invitations. But for me the big thing was remembering I'd have to plan Monday's lesson sometime last week rather than this weekend. At the moment I'm averaging seven hours preparation for a 90 minute lesson - that'll have to change, won't it?

Blow up beds have been found and positioned for guests, extra pillows and bedding have been purchased, full English breakfast foods have been added to this morning's shopping list. I've even dusted! But do I know what to wear? Nope. Not yet feeling grown up enough for anything smart, I'm idling through middle age with a selection of casual and sometimes vaguely ethnic clothes, none of which are remotely suitable for Barney's big night. I think it might have to be the newer pair of cropped jeans. They'll do.


Maddie Moon said...

Many congratulations to Barney on his double celebration. Sounds like you're in for a good night - enjoy!

SpiralSkies said...

Clothes matter not a jot when you have partying followed by cooked breakfasts.

Much better to defiantly avoid grown-up sensible dressing in my opinion.

Honeysuckle said...

Thanks, Maddie, the party went well, and Sweety Pie and her friend are both hungover, which I'm hoping will serve as a warning not to tell Barney I've okayed another WKD when I haven't done anything of the sort! I feel a serious talk coming on.

Hi Spiral Skies - luckily neither clothes nor blotchy incompetently fake-tanned legs mattered.