Thursday, September 24, 2009

Students 65: Management 0

For the first time in ages we have a great group of students. They're fairly well-motivated and usually pleasant. Well, that is, they complain endlessly about the cold and other stuff, drink all our coffee without washing up, and one of them disappears periodically for a nap on the settee, another just disappears altogether...but apart from all that and lots more, they are actually quite nice, funny, and we're enjoying teaching them.

So it's a pity that my manager has turned into, well, I'd like to say psycho-bitch but that would make her easier to deal with. If someone's acting like a complete nutter you can do stuff about it but when they start just trying to chip away at your self-confidence and tell you openly that they can't support you in certain situations because other, more influential, people 'have to be kept happy', well, what can you do? Just slink off home and have a few sleepless nights, I suppose.

So, should I just give up on the main teaching job and stay home and write, maybe do a few adult classes for my second string employer? Or is that what she wants me to do?

What's afoot? Definitely more, as John Lennon said, than twelve inches.


Casdok said...

Oh dear. Really sorry to hear this. Not sure what i would do. Difficult one.

Karen said...

Oh blimey that's a tricky one. Why do people feel it necessary to undermine other people?

I'd go with your gut feeling - not much help I know, but this sort of thing leads to bad stress situations :o(

Honeysuckle said...

Hi Casdok - I contacted a few people who all said 'actually, you're okay' and then I arranged a meeting with my manager to tell her that. Relations are just slightly cagey between us at the moment, but at least she knows I'm straight with her.

Hi Karen - I'm not good with stress. I'm hoping it's sorted but who knows?