Saturday, August 29, 2009

Benefit Busters

Have you been watching this?? I'm hooked!

What are they like at A4E?? That poor guy last week who got the job and then was 'let go' after a couple of weeks! The way that old guy spoke to him when he walked out to save himself from death by boredom! The tutor sitting in front of a room full of desperate people without jobs, completing his paperwork!

Where were the basic skills classes? Where was the ICT training? Where was anything except humiliation?

It all makes me so mad. And sad. And outraged. There are people out there milking the system, there's no doubt. There are also lots of people who want jobs, and who are made to sit in a boring room all day looking through the few same job adverts over and over, demotivated and patronised. How does that help them?

Is all publicity good publicity for A4E or will the govt look at the programme and think: hmmm, not such a good system after all. Let's actually give them something to do...


Karen said...

I watched it too - what an eye-opener!

Last weeks was quite good and at least fairly productive but the latest one!!! All that sitting about reading the paper (supposedly job-searching - in the Daily Star??) and making carboard castles! How was that supposed to help. I felt really sorry for that guy who at least got the gardening job, only to be 'let go.' Utterly maddening.

Have you seen the size of the house the woman who started A4E lives in? I appreciate she wants to help, but as she said herself there's money to be made out of the recession (for people like her) and that's not always a good thing.

Casdok said...

I havent seen this but my mum has been telling me about it!
The system does need to be changed.

Honeysuckle said...

Hi Karen - yes, I think the lovely, very rich Emma might have some questions to answer...hope so anyway.

Casdok - hi. It's a bit addictive. I'm waiting already for this week's episode, wondering how much worse it can get!

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