Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dog washing machines. Wrong on so many levels.

I'm probably more of a cat person than a dog person, altho' I like dogs and was as captivated as anyone by the pair of labrador puppies sharing our evening in the pub recently.

So, this caught my attention this week - you may have seen it. Reactions seem to vary from: 'a great idea' through: 'can I put my kid in one?' to: 'get the RSPCA onto him'. Personally I don''t think I'd like being shut in a metal tub and having soapy water thrown over me, even if it was followed by a balmy breeze electronically wafting me dry.

Actually, you could just stop that sentence at not liking to be shut in a metal tub. Who would?


Casdok said...

Is that really allowed? I think thats awful.
But yes would have been useful for C at times!

Shirley Wells said...

Oh my goodness. I thought it was going to be a joke!

No, as much as I hate the mud my dogs love, I couldn't do that to them.

Penny said...

What a horrible idea! Much more fun to get large old paddling pool out on the grass and all join in... ah, those were the days :-)

Honeysuckle said...

Casdok/Shirley - It seems to be legal - the inventors will be telling us they enjoy it next! His little face, tho'!

Yes, Penny, the paddling pool sounds much more fun.

Karen said...

Ooh dear, that doesn't look very nice. Molly would hate it - she only just tolerates a shower now and then! (Bit like my boys...)