Friday, February 13, 2009

Snow days and bouquets

Last week I worked everyday, despite ice and snow and a two mile walk to the train station. On two days I was the only member of staff in the place because no one else could get in. I'm not one to complain but it would've been more comfortable without the power cut which turned off the central heating, but hey ho...

Anyway, Tesco have caused a furore by expecting their snowbound staff to pay back the time. Another place is expecting staff to pay back time even tho' the place itself had closed. (Huh?) I can kind of see the thinking but - Moses! - who'd be a parent of school-age children when the snowflakes start flying?

So, for the future, this is my proposal:

All teachers, by law, have to live within walkable distance of the school they teach at.

All schools which close for a day due to snow, have to open for a different day some other time during the year, because it's hard enough already finding and paying for childcare for thirteen school holiday weeks, when mum and dad only have four weeks holiday apiece, without having extra days tagged on.

All school approach roads will be gritted first. (Second will be the pavements around old people's homes.)

All people who genuinely can't get into work because of either bad weather or school closures get paid as usual.

All those who actually manage to turn up day in, day out without even a word of thanks (and what I find is that those snowed in at home get sympathy for their plight. Sympathy. How does that work? You can't come to work today? You're having to snuggle up with a pint of hot chocolate in front of Pingu? - you poor thing...). Where was I? Yes, those of us who make it in should, in addition, get a bunch of flowers from The Management. Just a gesture, that's all. Just a little 'hey, you did a great job'.

So, is that agreed then?


Casdok said...

Yes i agree!

SpiralSkies said...

Me too! I had to take my snowbound day as holiday - even though my colleague only had to make up half a day as she had a hair appointment on the other half day she works!

Notwithstanding that I have worked through almost every lunch hour for nearly a year, I didn't get the snowbound day gratis.

I've started surfing the net a little bit more now at work than I used to. Sod 'em.

Penny said...

Yep... it's good to be an OAP :-) though the memory of those 5.30am starts still linger!!

Shirley Wells said...

A bunch of flowers *and* chocolate, I say!

Honeysuckle said...

Thanks all. Yes, I like the idea of flowers AND chocolates. I'm hoping it's all over for this winter tho'...